Ashes Momento

Bereavement is often a time of great loss, as well as celebrating the life of someone we love.

People down the years have found comfort in having something personal from their loved one to remember them by and have a tangible reminder in their lives.

Addressing this need are the beautifully crafted keepsakes we can supply to hold as treasured family possessions, to be passed down the generations.

From the exquisite, classic, jewellery pieces, echoing traditional mourning jewellery but with a modern twist, to the wooden keepsakes produced in Italy by traditional craftsmen, we offer a wide range of items that can help you keep your close connection with loved ones, by storing a portion of their ashes.

The smaller pieces are particularly popular, and allow families to share that connection by bestowing this special gift on all family members who are grieving. Easily transportable, discreet and simple to manage, they can bring great comfort to the whole family, uniting all in their love at this difficult time.

Hand crafted in Italy from Swiss pine, these popular items are a discreet and lovely way to remember your loved one and maintain a special connection. They have a natural, simple dignity and are an ideal way to share the memories within a family.